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DAFUGADAHEER releases their debut album!

Take One, of the veteran Seattle Hip-Hop group Clockwork, has changed his name to Dannie Wormwood and teamed up R.O.B. to form the new group DAFUGADAHEER (a play on the phrase “the fuck outta here”). Their new self-titled album is full of dope beats and features appearances from Clockwork members Lace Cadence & Miguel Rockwell, along with Seattle “gangsta rap” OG Red Head Steve and upcoming artist Props. Check it out!!

Mixed & Mastered by D-Sane


Speedy The Artist release new EP “Recovering Sinner: The Tug of War”

Check out the latest EP from Seattle Hip-Hop artist Speedy The Artist (formerly Speedy Gonzalez). He has become more of a Christian rapper with a hardcore approach on his latest musical offering and puts his life on the line to spit the truth. Speedy’s music is very honest, apocalyptic and holds no punches. This is not what you’re used to hearing, and you might be offended in the process.

I Produced, Mixed & Mastered the song “Churchless” and mastered the rest of the album.

“Churchless” produced by D-Sane


New song & video from Seattle artist Mega EvErs – “True Talk 2”

I just recently mixed & mastered this song for my guy Mega EvErs. Check him out!

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