DAFUGADAHEER releases their debut album!

Take One, of the veteran Seattle Hip-Hop group Clockwork, has changed his name to Dannie Wormwood and teamed up R.O.B. to form the new group DAFUGADAHEER (a play on the phrase “the fuck outta here”). Their new self-titled album is full of dope beats and features appearances from Clockwork members Lace Cadence & Miguel Rockwell, along with Seattle “gangsta rap” OG Red Head Steve and upcoming artist Props. Check it out!!

Mixed & Mastered by D-Sane


Malice & Mario Sweet release their new album “Enjoy:Like:Love”

Always a pleasure working with this talented husband/wife singing duo! Not only are they two of the nicest people you’ll ever meet, but they’re both amazing singers and are definitely “making sweet music together!” Prior to releasing their solo projects, they were making guest appearances on numerous songs by Seattle Hip-Hop artists, The Physics. July was a momentous month for the Sweets. After four years of marriage, the couple welcomed their first child, a healthy baby boy, on July 4th. Now, they are ready to accomplish another family milestone, the release of their second studio project “Enjoy:Like:Love.”

Building off the success of their debut EP “Happy 2 Year” – which earned love from taste makers including KEXP 90.3, KUBE 93, SoulBounce, The Seattle Times, Kevin Nottingham, The Stranger, and BBC Radio – Malice and Mario return with a varied collection of good mood music drawing inspiration from the carefree nature and outsized characters of the ‘80s. The musical stylings range from slinky neo-soul to candy-paint funk to bounce-influenced Hip-Hop to smooth grooves, but all come from a place of happiness: happiness with life, happiness with love, and happiness with being in love.

Production on “Enjoy:Like:Love” is handled by esteemed beat smiths including Vitamin D, Justo (of The Physics), Tall Black Guy, Evil Needle, Swish, DJ Roc’phella and Jake One.

[bandcamp width=350 height=858 album=783556239 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=de270f package=3792316074]

In case you missed their last album “Happy 2 Year” that they dropped a couple years back on their 2 year wedding anniversary, I highly suggest you go get it!

Both albums mastered by D-Sane


New single from Everett rapper DIrtay “Get Ur Kegel On Ft Ms. T”

Everett representative Dirtay has released a new single aimed at those…well, umm…”loose” women out there. Never fear though, ladies! Just follow Dirtay’s advice, do your kegel exercises and you’ll be tighter than some skinny jeans on a Capital Hill hipster! lol

Mastered by D-Sane


Speedy The Artist release new EP “Recovering Sinner: The Tug of War”

Check out the latest EP from Seattle Hip-Hop artist Speedy The Artist (formerly Speedy Gonzalez). He has become more of a Christian rapper with a hardcore approach on his latest musical offering and puts his life on the line to spit the truth. Speedy’s music is very honest, apocalyptic and holds no punches. This is not what you’re used to hearing, and you might be offended in the process.

I Produced, Mixed & Mastered the song “Churchless” and mastered the rest of the album.

“Churchless” produced by D-Sane


Twin-G – “I Shouldn’t Be Alive” ON SALE NOW!

Check out my label Street Level Records‘ latest release from Twin-G! I recorded, mixed & mastered the entire album and also produced the tracks:

– “Whoa”
– “Put it Down”
– “The Set-Up”

I also co-produced various other songs. Support Seattle Hip-Hop! CD’s are also on sale at


Check out Seattle/Tacoma rapper HAVi’s new album “Self-Portrait”

Looking for some dope undiscovered talent? Then I highly recommend you support this up & coming MC named HAVi and purchase his album. Coming out of Seattle by way of Tacoma, I believe he used to go by the name HAVi Blaze, but it appears he’s been trying to shake the Blaze from his name. For more info on HAVi check him out at his site

Mastered by D-Sane

Havi Self Portrait CD (front)forwebsite


Check out Seattle producer Marcus D’s latest album!

Seattle Hip-Hop producer, Marcus D, who recently relocated to Tokyo, Japan to start his new record label Absolut Zero, has released his latest musical endeavor “The Cool Vol. 1.” His label’s debut album is a full length compilation featuring the artists from his label and sprinkled with instrumentals that have a smooth, jazzy Hip-Hop sound inspired by the Jazz greats of the 20th century.

“The Cool is inspired by Miles Davis, Gil Evans and co.’s The Birth of the Cool; a collaborative project of a similar nature that gave rise to the “cool jazz” movement of the 1950s and 60s. Just as Davis and co.’s sound brought a seemingly watered-down “bop” era back to its jazz roots, The Cool aims to bring jazz hip-hop back to its American boom-bap roots and provide a sound-scape enjoyable for listeners in Japan and across the world. Without further ado, Marcus D & AbsolutZero proudly present to you, volume one of The Cool.”

Mastered by D-Sane

Check out Marcus D’s label Absolut Zero here:


Download Mike Champoux’s new “L.I.F.E.” album for free!

Seattle Hip-Hop artist Mike Champoux has released his highly anticipated album “L.I.F.E.” and made it available for free download on his website  Go get it now!

Mastered by D-Sane

Mike Champoux - "L.I.F.E." - 2013
Mike Champoux – “L.I.F.E.” – 2013
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