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Brad Jenson
Brad Jenson
02:47 26 Aug 19
At my son's wedding almost a year ago, the 90 minute marriage ceremony included almost 60 minutes of deeply rich and beautiful a cappella music sung by a 20 member choir. The experience was magnificent, and something you'd want to listen to again. However, the plan for a professional level recording didn't happen, and the only recording was one that the choir director's husband captured on his cell phone. When I heard he had the recording, I asked for a copy so I could share it with my son and daughter-in-law. I was really disappointed when I listened to it because it really had a loud and jarring static and loud static when the choir sang higher notes. I hung on to the recording since I knew that if I gave it to the newlyweds in that quality it would make the loss of the professional audio recording even more disappointing. As their one-year anniversary approached, I tried doing some editing using the Audacity editing tool and really didn't accomplish anything. I realized I needed somebody who really knew what they were doing and that I could trust to restore and recapture the musical experience we all shared. I found a few options on-line, but D-Sane and Digital Age Sound really stood out. As someone who was in the music industry, I felt that his attention to quality and perfection would help ensure that the end product was something that you'd want to listen to. He wouldn't just do some quick clips and then send me the bill. When I contacted him, he was very prompt in replying, and after I gave him the MP3, I couldn't believe how fast he turned it around. But it was when I listened to it, that I was most amazed. He had taken a very ragged sounding recording and delivered something that helped recapture the magnificence and beauty that these devoted choir members had put into their music. It's wonderful, and my wife and I are truly looking forward to giving this recording as a gift to my son and daughter-in-law on their one-year anniversary next week. I can't recommend David (D-Sane) enough to trust with your music. And as his rate page indicates, he shares that talent with you at a very reasonable rate. If you are reading this review and trying to decide who to go with, I encourage to go here!
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