This list only consists of multi-song projects I’ve worked on. Singles are not listed.


Ess Too – “Everything Dies” (Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
28AV x BassKidsOnTheBeat – “Patron Saint” (Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
Grieves & Mouse Powell – “Why Not?” (Vinyl) (Mastered)
Big Noyd – “Episodes of a Hustla” (Vinyl) (Mastered)
Mobb Tyght Hustlers (2024 Remaster) – (Mastered)
28AV – “Still Me” (Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)


megaTRONG & Marcus D – “The Great Escape” (Mastered)
La the Darkman – “Heist of the Century” (25th Anniversary Edition) (Mastered)
Gon Dough – “Lawn Gon” (Mixed, Mastered)
Lone Wolf & Kub – “The Expansion Pack” (Mixed, Mastered)
Mafia AKA Skuntdunanna & Acacia Jacc – “Wolves & Hyenas” (Mixed, Mastered)
Anthony Danza – “Collection Plate” (Mastered)
Crytical – “Hurt & Pain” (Production, Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
Pinder – “Emerald City” (Recorded)
Grynch – “Born in ’86: Addendum” (Production, Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
D-Sane – “Severance Package” (Production, Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
Pain – “The Other Side” (Mastered)
Meghanne Storey – “Highly Motivated” (Production, Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
Strong Creative – “Dope or Venom” (Mastered)
Grynch – “My Second Wind (15th Anniversary Edition)” (Production, Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
Teflon – “Two Sides to Every Story” (Mastered)
TBeats – “Horizon” (Mastered)
TBeats – “Last Sunset” (Mastered)
Grieves & Mouse Powell – “Why Not?” (Mastered)
Anthony Danza – “We Got Plays 2 Make” (Mastered)
Highway Tone – “Married 2 the Money” (Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
Max I Million – “Shine On…” (Mastered)


BARZ! – “TSA” (Mastered)
Anthony Danza & All Hail Y.T. – “All Hail Danza” (Mastered)
Swimteam – “Heat One” (Mastered)
El Gant – “O.S.L.O.” (Mastered)
D-Sane – “Inception” (Production, Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
G.A.S. – “It Don’t Take Too Much” (Mastered)
Sam Lachow – “Songs Without a Home” (Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
28AV – “Underdog Turnt Legend” (Recorded, Mixed)
Grynch – “Born in ’86” (Production, Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
E. Loyal – “Planet E” (Mixed, Mastered)
B-Awake – “Survival of the Focused” (Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
Samurai Del – “Ivory” (Mastered)
28AV – “Dark Passenger” (Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
Night Shield – “Winyans & Mazaska” (Mixed, Mastered)
Son of Tony – “Son on a Sunday 2” (Mastered)
Anthony Danza – “New Jack Danza” (Mastered)


28AV – “Czarleo” (Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
Anthony Danza – “Straight Talk” (Mastered)
Swisher Sleep – “Chessboard” (Mastered)
Soly Wop – “Wolo” (Mastered)
J-Mar – “Simba” (Mastered)
The Booth – “Welcome to the Booth” (Mastered)
Jahon Mikal – “Subtle Star Recalibration Loops” (Mastered)
Dolce Drako- “Apex Predator” (Mastered)
Marcus D – “Leftovers Vol. 1” (Mastered)
Tall Black Guy & Ozay Moore – “Of Progress and Progression” (Mastered)
Vic Spencer & Small Professor – “Mudslide” (Mastered)
Dettermeine – “Melodicallusion” (Mixed, Mastered)
Framework – “City of Gates” (Mastered)
Anthony Danza – “Armor All” (Mastered)
Zen Chemists – “The Dust Collection” (Mixed, Mastered)
Grynch – “Anthology” (Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
Young Cam – “Untitled EP” (Mixed, Mastered)
Sibling Rivalry – “Untitled EP” (Mastered)


BD Miguel – “Barrett Jackson B” (Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
Marcus D – “Sector V” (Mastered)
Buffy Baby & Keon Simms – “Lean, Dro, 304s” (Mastered)
Marcus D – “Blinding Light EP” (Mastered)
One Be Lo – “B.A.B.Y.” (Mastered)
Bomb in a Briefcase – “The Nickel Show” (Mastered)
Noah Simbark – “Clouds” (Mastered)
DiGiovanni – “Under the Moonlight” (Mastered)
Bobby Brooks – “Soul Tapes” (Mastered)
Marcus D – “Secret Bosses” (Mastered)
Lavish Rich – “Master P” (Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
Marcus D – “Kirin” (Mastered)
Max I Million – “Uncut Gems” (Mastered)
Nick Weaver & Miles97 – “turkish coffee” (Mastered)
Son of Tony – “Son on a Sunday” (Mastered)
Campana – “Matter of Time” (Mastered)
2 Mill & BD Miguel – “Bottom ta da Top” (Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
Dope Tre x Lil’ Tone – “Self Titled EP” (Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
Lavish Rich – “Ism on Display” (Production, Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)


Twin-G – “Headliner and Legend” (Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
Pain – “The Road Ahead” (Mastered)
Anthony Danza – “The BBS Diaries Vol. 2” (Mastered)
D Menace – “Menace is Money 2” (Mastered)
Jackson Morgan – “A Beautiful Life” (Mixed, Mastered)
Marcus D – “Times Remembered” (Mastered)
KOTH (King of the Hill) – “Capitol” (Mastered)
G.A.S. – “Gallons and Smoke” (Mastered)
Framework – “Upscale Slanguage Vol. 1” (Mastered)
The Ousters – “Backwater” (Mastered)
BARZ! – “Third Time’s a Charm” (Mastered)
Falon Sierra – “Damaged by System” (Mastered)
Marcus D – “The Cool Vol. 2 The Art of Boom Bap Jazz” (Mastered)
Sabyu & Chief Javi – “20670” (Mastered)
Nick Weaver – “If You’re Tired of Starting Over” (Mastered)
nitsua – “safety in the sun” (Mastered)
Son of Tony – “TSAHFT3: Sunrise” (Mastered)
Son of Tony – “TSAHFT3: Sunset” (Mastered)
Marcus D – “Omega Music Library 1” (Mastered)
Anthony Danza – “The BBS Diaries Vol.1” (Mixed, Mastered)
Chrissy J – “New Light” (Mastered)
KEV – “All I Ever Wanted” (Mastered)
Dolce Drako – “Uncle Willie’s Son” (Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
Bobby Brooks – “Romantic Trap” (Mastered)
Marcus D – “Sonata Dreams” (Mastered)
Gifted Gab – “Cause & Effect” (Mixed)
Sean Price & Small Professor – “86 Witness” (Mastered)


Syko – “Amerikkkan Syko [2018 Remaster]” (Mastered)
F.T.S. – “Full Time Soldiers (20th Anniversary Edition)” (Production, Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
Avatar Darko – “Truly Unruly” (Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
Lavish Rich – “116” (Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
BD Miguel – “On a Flight” (Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
F.T.S. – “Full Time Soldiers [20th Anniversary Edition]” (Production, Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
Night Shield – “SAVivor” (Produced, Mixed, Mastered)
KOTH – “King of the Hill” (Mastered)
Greater Than – “>” (Mastered)
Dan Marsh – “About” (Mastered)
Campana – “Making Ends Meet” (Mastered)
Nikki Fo – “A Year in Bed” (Mastered)
Nick Weaver – “Sleep Clinic” (Mastered)
Jahon Mikal – “Don’t Listen to Me” (Mastered)
Diabolic & Vanderslice – “Collusion” (Mastered)
Marcus D – “Terraluna” (Mastered)
Samurai Del – “Tangerine” (Mastered)
Cory Tate – “Afterlife” (Mastered)
B.F.A. – “I Can Dunk EP” (Mastered)
BARZ! – “pklnd” (Mastered)
Saxon Burr – “Moshpit” (Mixed, Mastered)
Kev – “Art Music Vol. 2” (Mastered)
Bernard Kyng & Andre Hando – The Ghost and the Darkness” (Mixed, Mastered)
KillemAll Coop – “Warning Excessive Heat” (Mastered)
Kate Anderson – “Love’s the Only Wisdom EP” (Mastered)
Avatar Darko x Fazt – “Chuck District” (Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
Campana – “The Burner Tape” (Mastered)
Tricknology – “Revolutionary Hustle” (Mastered)
Fatal Lucciauno – “Kalito” (Mastered)
Falon Sierra – “Fight the Numb EP” (Mastered)
Marcus D – “Ryujin no Yume” (Mastered)
JAGA – “.wavpool” (Mastered)
Xavier Tre – “The Progress Report” (Mastered)
Mostafa – “L.B.O.L.” (Mastered)


Avatar Darko – “Young Lomachenko” (Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
Speaker Child – “High on Wheels” (Recorded, Mixed)
Anthony Danza – “Intel Design” (Mastered)
Anthony Danza – “The Metropolitan Effect” (Mastered)
Traffic – “The Chosen One” (Mastered)
King Kahali – “Animals Lead Us” (Mastered)
Duranged Pit – “Product of Tha PointSide” (Production, Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
Marcus D – “Retro’d 2” (Mastered)
KEV – “Art Music” (Mastered)
Avatar Darko – “Putin Work” (Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
D Valley x Cam The Mac – “Currency Exchange” (Mastered)
Blu & Nottz – “Gods in the Spirit, Titans in the Flesh” (Mastered)
A.K. Romero – “Unrequited” (Mastered)
Anthony Hale – “The Beacon EP” (Mastered)
Sabyu – “Lava Flow” (Mastered)
KREEA – “Vagabond Child” (Mastered)
Grynch – “On a Good One” (Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
Peace & Red Velvet – “366” (Mastered)
The Brodcast – “Somewhere” (Mastered)
KEV – “Neon Lights” (Mastered)
D Menace – “Rack$ & Rubberband$” (Mastered)
BARZ! – “Washinstonian” (Mastered)
Ol’Davi – “All My Friends Are Dead” (Mastered)
Marcus D – “Melancholy Prequel (Rising Sun Redux)” (Mastered)
Son of Tony – “The Son and His Father Tape 2” (Mastered)
Fatal Lucciauno – “WTF Happened?” (Production, Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
Donte Peace – “Black Babylon” (Production, Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
Speaker Child – “Mind on My Business” (Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
Reklez – “Highs & Lows” (Mastered)
Cosmos – “Moonshine” (Mastered)
Joey Kash x TeekPunch – “12Fifty” (Mastered)
Sam Shoemaker – “Watch What I Do” (Produced, Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)


Avatar Darko – “My Beautiful Ugly Truth” (Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
Cam B – “Captivate” (Mastered)
D Valley – “V.S.A. (Valley Scores Again)” (Mastered)
Carl Roe – “Eleven Chuck” (Mastered)
Avatar Darko – “From Russia With Love 2” (Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
Greenspan – “Never Gon’ Die” (Mastered)
Landon Wordswell – “Prayer & Whiskey” (Mastered)
Evan Prescott – “Get Off Da Plantation” (Mastered)
T.S The Solution – “Purple in Spokane” (Mastered)
theLOUP – “Benjamin Dues” (Mastered)
KillemAll Coop – “KillemAll Vol. 4” (Mastered)
Falon Sierra – “Beauty in Danger EP” (Mastered)
The Ousters – “The Ousters EP” (Mastered)
Big Mo & Samarei – “Black Mirrors EP” (Mastered)
Shelton Harris – “Awake EP” (Mastered)
Marcus D – “Pink Lemonade” (Mastered)
Nick Weaver – “The Rock Opera” (Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
Blu & Nottz – “Titans in the Flesh” (Mastered)
Dafug – “Fuglyfe Vol. 1 Mixtape” (Mastered)
D Menace – “Ballin’ On Purpose” (Mastered)
iLL Chris – “Honor Thy Father” (Mastered)
Sabyu – “Navigator EP” (Mastered)
Seany Cee – “Surround Sounds” (Mastered)
Kanable & Killa Tay Present: “92 Octane” (Mastered)
CALL – “See All” (Mastered)
B-Awake – “The Grey Area” (Mastered)
Vampsterdam – “PTSD” (Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
Draze – “Seattle’s Own” (Mastered)
The Art of Ambition Compilation – (Mastered)
Avatar Darko – “Trapatar” (Recording)


John Eklof – “T.E.O.T.B.” (Mastered)
Cashtro – “Hooked” (Mastered)
KillemAll Coop – “3 Degreez” (Mastered)
Malitia Malimob – “Sport & Coke” (Mastered)
King Leez – “Supreme Being” (Mastered)
J-Mar Da Sik – “Cognac Lounge” (Mastered)
Evo – “Real as it Gets Vol. 2: Better Late Than Never” (Mastered)
Romaro Franceswa – “Balance” (Mastered)
Thaddeus David – “The Rise: White Summer” (Mastered)
Planet Asia & DJ Concept – “Seventy Nine” (Mastered)
D Menace – “Menace is Money” (Mastered)
Marcus D & LA – “Golden Gun EP” (Mastered)
Lavish Rich – “Cadillacs & Interstates” (Mastered)
Ripynt & Carl Roe – “Martians” (Mastered)
Nick Weaver – “Prowler” (Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
Brothers From Another (BFA) – “This Summer” (Mastered)
Travis Thompson – “Living for the Future EP” (Mastered)
Alex of the Sun – “In Due Time” (Mastered)
Malice & Mario Sweet – “SMS” (Mastered)
Komplex Kai – “Unforgiven” (Production, Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
Byrdie – “Byrd’s Eye View” (Production, Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
Saykred Thoughtz – “Turnin’ Pagez” (Production, Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
KC – “R U Ready?” (Mastered)
Jesse James Greenwood – “Million Miles Away” (Mastered)
Javier – “19 Mixtape” (Mixed, Mastered)
Fly Libnani – “F L Y” (Mastered)
DIY-Fi – “Still Rock and Roll” (Mastered)
JP Lennon – “Ponky Haircut” (Mastered)
KayaKaya – “The Giveaway” (Mastered)
Joey Kash – “Paid the Cost” (Mastered)
Ronnie Dylan – “Manumission” (Mastered)
Certified Outfit – “True Grit” (Mixed, Mastered)


Sam Lachow – “Huckleberry” (Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
Nick Weaver – “Yardwork” (Mastered)
JPatt – “Smoke Break” (Mastered)
The Dysfunctional Family (T.D.F.) – “Misguided Priorities” (Production, Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
All Star Opera – “Tie Dye Brain Cells” (Mastered)
D Valley – “Live From the Hood Vol. 3” (Mastered)
Sendai Era – “Voices” (Mastered)
Mega Evers – “Maladjusted” (Mastered)
Samarei – “Best in Class” (Mastered)
Mr. Xquisit – “Xquisitize Yourself “ (Mastered)
Marcus D – “Lone Wolf LP” (Mastered)
AcuTripMusic – “Above the Clouds EP” (Mastered)
Fly Moon Royalty – “TBA” (Mastered)
NjS – “Soular Power” (Mastered)
Ripynt – “A Beautiful Funeral” (Mastered)
Avatar Darko – “Soviet Goonion 3” (Mastered)
D Menace – “28 Grams” (Mastered)
Moe Cheekz – “The Real Me” (Mastered)
Banamak – “Beyond the Surface EP” (Mastered)
RainShine – “Accepting My Own” (Mastered)
Jae.Oh.B x J Brown x Mr.Xquisit – “Tuxedo Mocha Vol. 1” (Mastered)
Dave B & Justo – “School Daze” (Mastered)
Grynch – “Street Lights” (Production, Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
Vitamin D – “Bornday 2” (Mastered)
Bop Alloy – “Another Day in the Life Of” (Mastered)
J-Dub of F.T.S. – “Envy Breeds Contempt” (Production, Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
Wizdom – “The Next Step” (Production, Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
D Valley – “Hotels & Trap Houses” (Mastered)
T.S & M-Pyre – “Sleepwalking” (Mastered)
Marcus D – “Simply Complex” (Mastered)
Fearce Vill – “Let it Be” (Mastered)


Skuntdunanna aka Mafia – “Now or Never Vol. 2” (Production, Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
Stoned Ape Theory – “The Stone Tape” (Mastered)
Anonimous – “My Life, My City (2013 Re-Master)” (Mastered)
Syko – “Lyrikally Insane (2013 Re-Master)” (Mastered)
Syko – “Warpath EP (2013 Re-Master)” (Mastered)
Donte Peace – “Summer of 1997” (Mastered)
D-Sane x Macklemore x Ryan Lewis – “Can’t Hold Us (SharkFaceGang Remix)” (Production, Mixed, Mastered)
Malice & Mario Sweet – “Enjoy:Like:Love” (Mastered)
21Twelve – “Eagle Top Rendezvous” (Mastered)
Marcus D – “Melancholy Hopeful (Instrumental Version)” (Mastered)
Speedy The Artist – “Recovering Sinner (The Tug of War)” (Production, Mixed, Mastered)
Dafugadaheer – “Dafugadaheer” (Mixed, Mastered)
Twin-G – “I Shouldn’t Be Alive” (Production, Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
Havi Blaze – “Self Portrait” (Mastered)
Mike Champoux – “L.I.F.E.” (Mastered)
Marcus D – “The Cool Vol. 1” (Mastered)
Warm Gun – “Adventures II” (Mastered)
Smoke & Dub of F.T.S. – “Street Sense Pt. 2” (Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)


Skuntdunanna aka Mafia – “Now or Never Vol. 1” (Production, Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
Props – “High As the Stars – The Planet of MARz” (Mastered)
Mac Slug – “Mr. Beyonder The Great” (Mastered)
Young Donn – “Billionaire Blueprint Mixtape” (Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
Spekulation – “Truth Be Told” (Mastered)
Luck One x Dizz – “Critical Mass” (Mastered)
Avatar Darko- “Soviet Goonion” (Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
F.T.S. – “The Lost 4-Track Sessions (1996-1999)” (Production, Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
F.T.S. – “Money Motivated (2012 Remaster)” (Production, Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
Shade – “The Time is Now…” (Mastered)
Dirtay – “The Progression” (Mastered)
Ripynt – “The Hurt Locker (Deluxe Version)” (Mastered)
Warm Gun – “Adventures” (Mastered)
Dub & Jender – “Oly 2 Bham” (Mastered)
Ripynt – “Hurt Locker Remixes” (Production, Mixed, Mastered)
Nick Benvenga – “Hardball” (Mastered)
Sam Lachow – “Avenue Music” (Production, Mixed, Mastered)
Stackwell – “DJ Roc’Phella Presents: Free Stackwell (The Compilation)” (Mastered)
Speedy the Artist – “Mind Decor” (Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
Fleeta Partee – “LIFEMUZIK EP” (Mastered)
Luke Rain – “Rain Shine” (Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
Marcus D – “Melancholy Hopeful” (Mastered)
Avatar Darko – “The Humble Villain” (Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
Logics – “Live From the Sin” (Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
Grynch – “Perspective” (Production, Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
M.G.D. – “The Hated” (Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
Young Donn – “Boss Chair” (Recorded, Mixed, Mastered) (UNRELEASED)
Night Shield – “The Hangover” (Production, Mixed, Mastered)


Sword of a Giant – “Untitled” (Mastered)
Mike “G” – “The Making Of… Part One” (Mastered)
Wizdom & Epidemmik – “Unearthed” (Production, Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
Spekulation – “Self Titled EP” (Mastered)
J Real – “Northwest Fresh Vol. 1” (Mastered)
Malice & Mario Sweet – “Happy 2 Year (Deluxe Edition)” (Mastered)
Logics – “Vintage Flow” (Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
Free Whiskey – “What Am I Going to Tell My Mom?” (Mastered)
One Be Lo – “L.A.B.O.R.” (Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
Smoke & Dub of F.T.S. – “Street Sense Pt. 1” (Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
Ripynt – “The Hurt Locker” (Mastered)
Avatar Darko – “The Iron Curtain” (Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
Marcus D – “Melancholy Prequel” (Mastered)
Sam Lachow – “Brand New Bike” (Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
Sez Batters – “Sweet 16 Mixtape” (Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
Key Loom – “When Animals Attacc Vol. 1” – (Production, Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
Speed & Patron EP – (Mastered)
CJB – “Extended Play EP” (Mastered)
That One Show – “Untitled EP” (Mastered)
Notion – “3 Songs With MTK EP” (Mastered)
The Reallionaires – “So Rare” (Production, Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
Jay Barz – “420 Experienced: The Highs & The Lows” (Mastered)
Avatar Darko – “Danny Darko” (Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
Drako – “d-Con Vol.1: Rat Poison Mixtape” (Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
Grynch – “Timeless EP” (Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
Malice & Mario Sweet – “Happy 2 Year EP” (Mastered)
Logics – “Problematic EP” (Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
Dirtay – “Progress Report EP” (Mastered)
Luke Rain – “Liquid” (Mixed, Mastered)


Made in Heights – “Winter Pigeons EP” (Mastered)
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – “VS Redux” (Mastered)
Wizdom – “The Washington Wizard Mixtape” (Production, Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
Avatar Darko – “Russian Revolution Mixtape” (Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
LA – “Roll With the Winners” (Mastered)
The Physics – “3 Piece EP” (Mastered)
CHL – “Competitive Hustle League” (Production, Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
Know Choice – “Still Early EP” (Mastered)
Neema – “The Essence” (Production)
Akrish – “The Blue Gatorade EP” (Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
Big Will – “Takeover Season Vol. 1 Mixtape” (Production)
A.D. – “The Leftovers” (Mixed, Mastered)
Terrible Buttons – “Brute Neighbors” (Mastered)
I-5 Connect – “The First 48” (Production, Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
Canary Sing – “The Beautiful Baby EP” (Mastered)
Xperience – “William the VIII” (Mastered)
Outrageous – “The Crack In EP” (Production, Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
JFK of Grayskul – “Building Wings on the Way Down” (Mastered)
I-5 Connect – “Premeditated EP” (Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
Avatar Darko – “Baptized in Vodka Mixtape” (Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
10th & Commerce – “Instruments and Parties” (Mixed, Mastered)
Grynch – “The Rapping About Rapping Mixtape” (Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)


Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – “VS EP” (Mastered)
Macklemore – “The Unplanned Mixtape” (Mastered)
Peoples – “Purple Ribbon EP” (Mastered)
Double Hockey Sticks – (Mastered)
Big Ice – “Stackin’ Beats” (Recorded, Mixed)
Night Shield – “Sex, Drunks & Hip-Hop” (Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
TLP – “Killin’ It EP” (Mastered)
Grynch – “Chemistry 1.5 EP” (Production, Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
Rockwell Powers – “Pocket Full of Stones EP” (Mastered)
Avatar Darko – “From Russia, With Love Mixtape” (Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
Young Soprano – “The Shakedown” (Mixed, Mastered)
Mafia aka Skuntdunanna – “Lead By Example” (Production, Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
The Physics – “High Society” (Mastered)
Young Meez – “Eat or Starve” (Mastered)
Fresh Ave – “1st & Fresh Mixtape” (Mastered)
Paris – (Mixed, Mastered)
Understatement – “Let it Play” – 2009
Wizdom – “Bring it Back EP” (Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
Outrageous – “Two Time Tim” (Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
Lil Jazz – “Gemini Files-Eastside Story” (Mastered)
Rockwell Powers & Ill Pill – “The Kids in the Back” (Mastered)
Billy Patron aka B-Ill – “The Silver Disc Mixtape” (Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
Grynch – “Chemistry EP” (Production, Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
Young Donn – “Night Life Music Mixtape” (Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
Logics/Street Academy – “Northwest Grind” (Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
B-Awake – “Classic Material” (Mastered)
Avatar Darko – “Warm Blooded, Cold Heart” (Production, Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
Logics – “When All Else Fails” (Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)


Clockwork – “Future Pastime” (Mastered)
Joel Gamble – “Schizocatta” (Mastered)
Reigncraft Compilation Vol. 7 (Production, Recorded, Mixed)
Certified – “The Underworld” (Production, Mixed, Mastered)
Skip Dog & Q-Ball – “Professional Sucka Ducka” (Mastered)
Ill Pill – “Time Slips Away” (Mastered)
Skip Dog – “Raw From the Jaw” (Mastered)
Twin-G – “The Charity Project Mixtape” (Production, Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
Dyme Def – “3 Bad Brothas Mixtape” (Mastered)
Twin-G & Gangsta Nutt – “The Status: Active” (Production, Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
Wizdom – “Soul of the Man” (Mastered)
The Reallionaires – (Production, Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
Dividenz – “10% Rap, 90% Hustle” (Production, Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
Karizmakaze – “Money Don’t Fold EP” (Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)


DJ Nphared – “40 Bar Dash Mixtape” (Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
Fatal Lucciauno – “The Only Forgotten Son” (Mastered)
Skuntdunanna aka Mafia – “Live From the Hater Capital of the World Mixtape” (Mastered)
Ricky Pharoe & Tru-ID – “The Key With No Lock” (Mastered)
Avatar Young Blaze – “The Mob Show Mixtape” (Mastered)
Bean 1 – “2 Big Remix Album” (Mastered)
Mista Wrong – “The Introduction” (Production, Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
Anonimous aka Tha Loco – “Hustla Style” (Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
Smoke Dog of F.T.S. – “Reflections of a Real Life” (Production, Mixed, Mastered)
Night Shield – “Loved & Hated” (Production, Mixed, Mastered)
151 – “Power & Privilege” (Production, Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
Dough – “Who’s Dough?” (Production, Mixed)
A-Wax – “Jr. High 2 The Pen Vol. 2” (Production)
Piece – “Street Smartz” (Mastered)
Cancer Rising – (Mastered)
One Be Lo – “The R.E.B.I.R.T.H.” (Mastered)
Young Soprano – “Top of the Coast” (Production, Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
Grynch – “My Second Wind” (Production, Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
Know Choice – “Fog EP” (Mastered)
Relentless Intent – “Eye of the Storm EP” (Mixed, Mastered)


Young Vicious – “The Burn Ward” (Production, Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
F.T.S. – “The Final Chapter” (Production, Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
Smoke Dog of F.T.S. – “Out the Box” (Production, Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
T-Nutty – “State 2 State Compilation” (Production, Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
Reigncraft Compilation Vol. 6 – (Recorded, Mixed)
Skuntdunanna aka Mafia – “Feel Me or Kill Me Mixtape” (Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
Willie Will – “America’s Most Needed” (Mixed, Mastered)
Half Breed & Dropp – “The SEA-ATL Times” (Mastered)


Crytical – “Crytical Condition” (Production, Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
Our Side of the State Compilation – (Production, Mixed)
A-Train – “The Train Stops Here” (Production, Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
Doomsday Prod – “Northtown vs Westside vs Eastside” (Production)
Maniac – “Nightmerika” (Production, Mixed)
Night Shield – “Savage Display” (Production, Mixed, Mastered)
T-Nutty – “The Nutt Factor Project” (Production, Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)
Grynch – “This is What I Do” (Mixed)
Reigncraft Compilation Vol. 5 (Production, Recorded, Mixed)
Twin-G – “In the Name of Game Vol. 2” (Production, Recorded, Mixed)


Reigncraft Compilation Vol. 3 – (Production, Recorded, Mixed)
Lac of Respect – “Game Members” (Production, Recorded, Mixed)
Big Oso Loc – “Just Another Day” (Production)
Tha Loco aka Anonimous – “Smile Now, Die Later” (Production)
Night Shield – “Kataztrophik” (Production, Recorded, Mixed)
Doomsday Prod. – “Survival of the Siccest” (Production)
Red Head Steve – “Redrum” (Production, Mixed)
Reigncraft Compilation Vol. 4 – (Production, Recording, Mixed)
Ocean Records – “Inde Sessions Vol. 1 Compilation” (Production, Recorded, Mixed)
The Red Door Compilation – (Production, Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)


Skuntdunanna aka Mafia – “The Streetz iz Enough” (Production, Recorded, Mixed)
Dividenz – “Hollow Point Lyrics” (Production, Recorded, Mixed)
Sarkastik – “No Gimmiks, No Image, Straight Lyriks” (Production, Recorded, Mixed)
151 – “Code of the Street” (Production, Recorded, Mixed)
Mo-X & Lil G – “Angry Souls” (Production, Recorded, Mixed)
V.O.H.T. – “Hard Time Realaz” (Production, Recorded, Mixed)
Night Shield – “Savage Alliance Compilation” (Production, Recorded, Mixed)
Reigncraft Compilation Vol. 2 – (Production, Recorded, Mixed)
DUGOUT – “Executive Decisions Compilation” (Production, Recorded, Mixed)
Noblmen – “Road to Nobility” (Production)
Doomsday Prod. & Cin Sity – “Underground Vol. 2” (Production)


Night Shield – “Hostile Takeover” (Production, Recorded, Mixed)
Mister Bilistic – “Opressed No Longer” (Production)
Red Light Records Compilation – (Production)
DJ Supa Sam – “I’m Coming 4 Ya Mixtape Vol. 4” (Recorded, Mixed)


Byrdie – “Poetic Epidemic” (Production, Recorded, Mixed)
I.K. – “Kash Me Out” (Production, Recorded, Mixed)
Syko – “Sykotherapy” (Production, Recorded, Mixed)


F.T.S. – “Money Motivated” (Production, Recorded, Mixed)


F.T.S. – “Full Time Soldiers” (Production, Recorded, Mixed)


F.T.S. – “The 4-Track Sessions” (Production, Recorded, Mixed)
F.T.S. – “Keep it Real” (Production, Recorded, Mixed)