How can I pay you?

I take PayPal, Venmo or CashApp payments. I can also accept and swipe all major credit cards at the studio. Good ol’ fashioned cash is also accepted.

Send Venmo payments to
Send CashApp/Square Cash payments to$dsane206
Send **PayPal payments to
(**As of Oct. 2019, PayPal is no longer refunding service fees. If a refund occurs, the refund will be short whatever fees were charged by PayPal.)

What software do you use?

For mixing, I mostly work in Cubase, but I can also work in Pro Tools when required. For mastering, I use Wavelab. I have many of today’s best audio programs/plug-ins and there are too many to list. I use a hybrid system of working in the box (computer) and external analog gear when mixing and mastering.

What’s the turnaround time?

Please contact me for a quote as my availability varies quite a bit. Mixing on a full length album (12+ songs) can take anywhere from 10-14 business days, sometimes longer depending on the complexity of the project. Mastering can take 1-3 days as well. Remember to take these things into consideration when planning the release date for your project. CD replication/duplication time can also add several weeks to your project, so it is good to allow at least 2 months for these processes.

What is mixing?

Mixing is the stage after recording when you take all of the different sounds or tracks within a session (such as Pro Tools or Cubase) and adjust the levels, add effects and make the song more appealing to listen to. This is the stage where EQ, compression, reverb, delay, Auto-Tune and any other effects are added and the session is eventually “bounced” down to a single stereo track or “final mix” in preparation for mastering.

Why should I have you mix my music?

I’ve been getting compliments on my mixing since day 1 of my career. I feel mixing is the most important step in making music other than proper recording and is the difference between a good song and a GREAT song. Bad monitors or simple inexperience on how to diagnose and treat problems in a mix can cause bad mixes. Another common problem is that many people (especially home recording enthusiasts) don’t have a properly acoustically treated room to mix in, which can cause flaws in the mix as well. I also get a lot of compliments on how well the bass always hits on my mixes. If you want your music to hit right, come to me. Most of the music on my site was recorded, mixed & mastered by me.

What is mastering?

Mastering is a form of audio post-production in which the final mix is processed through various EQ’s & compressors to polish up the song and make it sound pleasing to the listener. This is also generally the stage where you make it “louder” by using compressors and limiters. This is an art and should be left to professionals! There are no “presets” or anything like that that are used, each track is custom mastered to match it up with the rest of the tracks on the project. It’s also the step where the mastering engineer prepares the final master CD for manufacturing. Metadata/CD text with artist names, song titles and relevant info is added at this stage. I provide CD masters on MAM-A/Mitsui Gold CDR media (widely considered the best CDR’s) to ensure the audio quality and an error free master, along with a PQ subcode sheet. I can also provide a DDP (digital disc image) to your CD printer instead of a master CD upon request. Masters come in 16bit/44.1k waves unless 24bit HD masters are requested.  Complimentary high quality (320k) MP3 versions are provided with all jobs.