I had never heard of this artist Nickolas Thee Ruin prior to one of his friends contacting me to have a song of his mastered, but it seems he was definitely beginning to build a fan base and had a bright future in music ahead of him. He apparently had no problem expressing himself and had the balls to drop the “F-bomb” at the end of a last day of high school speech in 2012, which he ended up receiving local news coverage over.

Nickolas passed away suddenly in his sleep in July of 2014, just one week after finishing the recording of his debut album “Distant Implosion.” Like true friends should, Nickolas’ comrades have assumed the task of making sure that his one and only body of work comes to fruition and is released. As a memorial to Nickolas, they released his first single “Wrecka” on what would have been his 21st birthday on Nov. 18th. Cheers to having true friends and the memory of Nickolas Thee Ruin. Rest in Paradise.

Produced by: Poema Funku, Co-Produced by Nima Skeemz.
Mixed by: Nima Skeemz
Mastered by: D-Sane